146 adds = 1.310 BAT

Hey Brave

Using Brave for 3 weeks and have clicked on 146 add’s and only 1.310 BAT :frowning:
Is this normal?

Windows 10, V1.23.71


Yes that sounds right, you don’t need to click on the ads btw if you’re not interested in them, they still count

Actually is kinda a bug, just DM @steeven, he can help you with that.

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That is 0,0089 bat per ad, that doesn’t sound right.

Should it be 0.010 bats per ad?

Okey, I will do that :slight_smile: Thank you.

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Yes, exactly, for each ad in new tabs as in push notifications.

I had the same problem these days, but @steeven is already on it. I espaculate it could be internet connection issues, let’s say you start brave, but the rewards don’t sync properly and that happens, but it’s just a think of mine.

Yeah, I had a lot more Bats but suddenly some of them disappeared :frowning:
I am new to brave, but i love the Browser :slight_smile:

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Same, It’s so good.

I see you should have 1.460 BATs, It’s like 150 BATs of difference. I my case I had 100 more (If I had 10 ads I should have 200 BATs) Because the previous withdrawl and stuff. So try to be specific as possible when you message steeven.

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Ok, I will do that :slight_smile:

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I don’t think ads are a constant, but even if they were his total isn’t far off

At least I’ve never recieved an ad with a different value.

Take a closer look at this snout I just found.


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Let me clarify, bats per ad are not a constant fix, it’s usd that’s constant, that’s why its labeled estimated cause price of bat fluctuates and unfortunately confuses users which is evident on this fourm

Hmm, basically the ad providers will decide how much a user should earn on receiving an ad.

That also based on the location user is from. In the earlier days we used to get more BAT. As you said, the value of bat increases, ad providers decreased that to 0.010 which is very awful :sob::sob:

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