How much BAT Brave pay to see ads?

Hi! Does anyone know how much brave pays for each ad?
If I got 172 ads this month, how many BATS should I have?


@namjin21 I’ve been receiving 0.010 BAT/ ad.

But from today, it has rallied down to 0.001 BAT/ad.

I think it’s time to say goodbye @Brave.

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@Priyanshu05 You’d leave an excellent browser because you aren’t getting as many rewards as you wanted? :frowning:

Bet your Firefox doesn’t pay you a single cent.

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majority of ads are giving 0.005BAT

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Recently, I installed Brave
I’m receiving 0.025 / Ad and the ad was Nord VPN…:scream_cat:


yes you can still get 0.025, 0.010. but mostly 0.005