I am getting only '0.010 BAT' for every ad view

I downloaded brave in December,2020. I am regularly use brave browser on Windows 10 pro.
I am getting only 0.010 Bat for every ad. This is very low.
I only get 3.00 Bat from 290 Ad views.
If I will not get 0.025Bat per ad view, then I left Brave.
What is the reason behind it?

At least you are getting ads. I lost ads as of Dec 19th. You h should also include what country you are in. For example, I would expect someone in India, to get the same ads over and over and not earn much.

I use brave in India.

Simply put you need more ads for India. You should show a screenshot of the ads your received, That way we could all see how many different ads you got, which probably totals up to that 3BAT. There needs to be a way to turn off repeat ads that don’t pay.

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Click on that 7-day ads history, that’s the one you want to find how many different ads you got. India has 15 different campaigns currently, so your earnings is right on target.
See this: https://bravebat.info/brave_ads_campaigns

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