How moving bat from Android to PC

Hello guys, I need your help!

I have some bat on my android
I have also brave on pc, who’s connected to uphold

So, I want to connect / transfer my android bat, to my uphold wallet

How can I do this?
Thanks for help guys, and gg for the stonk!

The basic is that you need to connect your wallet from android to uphold account (verify wallet). From there your bat from the android brave wallet should get added to the bat from android and that new total should be shown on brave in android and pc. This is for four total devices. On the android though, you won’t be able to verify your wallet until locally on android, you’ve accumulated 25 bat…

Also bear in mind the process I described is how my experience was for my four devices… others have had different experiences that i can’t explain… ie after accumulating 25 bat on android and verifying their android brave wallet to uphold, they had a new seperate brave bat card in uphold causing their android wallet having a seperate, different total than their pc brave wallet total…

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