Can I sync BAT between my PC and Android?

If I view ads on both my devices, is my BAT synced between them? If not, what can I do to merge them?

Talking about brave rewards? Things don’t get synced up on your devices until you verify the devices to uphold… That’s clicking on the triangle icon in the address bar of each device and clicking the “verify wallet” button… from there you’ll be taken to uphold to create an uphold account or to login to existing uphold account. On android though you’ll have first collect at least 25 bat on the android device before you can verify…

Also I believe no the BATs are not synced between them, only what is in your veirified uphold wallet will show. For example This dekstop has different BAT than the ads than my android.

Correct. The sync’ing is the info from uphold… each wallet is it’s own entity in brave… if you look in the 7 day ads or ad history, look at how different the pending bat rewards is on all your devices…

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Okay. Thanks very much!

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