How many times do I need to confirm I'm a human?

How many fucking times do I need to put the damn circle into the other circle until you believe I’m not a fucking computer??? EVERY time I search- not some, not many, not most, EVERY time I try to search for something I have to play the damn circle because you weren’t convinced the last 8 times I put the damn circle in the circle! How about a feature where I prove I am not a fucking computer once a day or even once an hour instead of once every damn time I try to search for something?


I agree it’s too much. I’m back to Qwant for now until this goes away.


Using a Brave Browser > New Private Window . . .

Using a Firefox > New Private Window . . .

I visited the Brave Search Engine website: ‘

No need to verify human status. But I have run across the issue you wrote about, on previous occasions for a few other websites.

Yet, on such occasions, I only had to run thru the circle chaser, once.

I was wondering, how are you using the Brave Search Engine website?

I can’t speak for the OP but for me, no different than usual. It just started happening a day or two ago and it was happening every other time I opened a page. I often right click and open links in a new tab so maybe that’s causing me to get it excessively? Or that I have Brave Browser set to wipe on exit?

Qwant sadly have changed their design to a primary school intranet look so guess I’ll stick with Brave. Hope this gets fixed soon though, it’s pretty annoying.

Yep the captcha is terrible, I just had to do it 12 times in a row
Could be caused by my VPN?
Idk, but I’m going back to G**gle as my default search engine until this is improved