Brave search has started asking for human proof

Today, for no reason whatsoever, Brave search has started to ask me to verify that I’m human anytime I do a search on Brave Search. It is slow and annoying so I will stop using Brave Search until it stops.

Are you connected to a VPN by chance?

Yes I am using a VPN and I still want to do it and be able to browse the web privately.

No worries — can you quickly disconnect and confirm that this behavior does not occur if you’re not using a VPN?

I was using Qwant for a while this morning, now I just switched back to Brave Search and it doesn’t do it anymore for the moment, with or without the VPN on.

It started to do it again, being asked to verify that I’m a human every time that I do a search, highly annoying, will switch my searc engine to something else. Wnated to encourage Brave Search but too bad.