How infantile can you be or become?! (Win7ows Support)

Hi folks!

Today I received a message in the Brave browser that I will no longer receive updates in the future unless I install Win10 or higher. I use Win7ows Pro with the unofficial updates. Since that it also runs faster and more stable.

To install Win10 or higher is about like saying to me, “You are a healthy person, should but please now shoot yourself in the kneecap, so that you finally in the future to enjoy treatment”. It is known that in the kernel since Win8 a so-called “kill switch” is established, with which one can switch off every computer with this soft remotely. This goes so far that this routine can even reach into the BIOS and activate a start lock. Which will lead to a permanent pc-blackout for most users, since they have no idea how to fix it.

So, you brainies, it’s not so tragic if future Brave versions on Win7ows don’t work anymore. So we can only use what we have. Sure, you could make up some functions in such a way that Win7 users can’t use them anymore, e.g. ‘Brave Rewards’. But that would then clearly mean a kind of fascism, either forcing them to switch to another, better browser, like Opera, or just subjecting them to GO’1984 narrative to get in the stranglehold of the OS.

Think about it: A browser is meant to surf the net. As safe as possible. What especially Opera emphasizes, which have a free VPN integrated. Sure, Opera itself can still track traffic, but that’s not the point. We are not criminals, we just want to hide our origin. Which then works out very well with multi-tunneling. Brave has been a good choice and was on par with Opera for me. However, Brave is now plummeting to 3rd place because of this despotism. There is no reason to make it dependent on Win10 or higher, other than the naive tendency to be up to date. It’s similar with iOS, where programmers take versions that ran perfectly on 9.0 and now demand iOS 14 or 15. Without even a byte having changed in the app.

Be that as it may. I will continue to use Brave until it becomes unusable as part of an intended totalitarianism.

Greetings from Germany,
Tamara. :-*


danke schmetterling !

and @brave:
are you serious? you are committed to data protection, but you annoy me with a nagscreen to use win10! are you crazy…?

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Agree entirely. They should continue to support Windows 7. Extremely lazy from Brave, and even Chrome is continuing to support it for a while longer. I’m really starting to hate the Brave team. Oh, and I don’t expect any response from them here either. They’re too pathetically lazy to ever engage with users.

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Thank you @schmetterling for this thorough explanation. Please keep us not so tech savvy users informed if the advertised standards for privacy and data protection are not met by Brave on the technical level. The majority of users, like myself, will most probably have no or at least very limited understanding of those small changes and their after effects.

Chrome stops supporting Windows 7 on February 7, same goes for Brave.

In few weeks/months all browsers will stop supporting Win7/Win8.1.

By Jan 2023, not a single browser will get a new update, including chrome. Only Palemoon (a firefox fork) will be officially supported.