Brave Goodbye, Farewell and Amen

Today 7/16/20, a couple days later than scheduled, the new 1.11 version of Brave for Windows was released.

Version 1.11.97 Chromium: 84.0.4147.89 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I updated it on my Windows 10 Pro v1909 desktop PC with 32G of DDR4-3200 and an nVME Samsung 970 Pro SSD, and watched Brave freeze on relaunch. I timed it, sucking 10% of the very fast Intel i9 CPU, take 1:30-min before Brave finally become responsive and allowed me to use the browser. That was as opposed to tens of seconds with the previous 1.10 version, as well as a few versions before that. I repeated the quit & launch test a few times, with the same results.

I had high hopes for this release after months of many people reporting the startup-freeze problem, providing valuable feedback and testing awkward workarounds that seemed to point to the cause. Recently a developer reported that he had been able to replicate the problem, and I hoped that the extra two-day delay of the 1.11 release meant that the bug had finally been been fixed.

This has been going on too long. If you were serious about fixing it you would have done so by now. I have real work to do, and the choice of several other browsers that don’t behave this way.

You’re fired.

Care to share a good alternative? I’m getting fed up with this as well. Brave was fine for ages and suddenly this plague of BAT issues and other things.
On Linux the browser has a start lag as well.
Maybe Brave team should talk to Vivaldi, they have no issues with their chromium releases, works flawlessly.
Someone needs to up their game if they don’t want to fall of the market wagon.

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I also use Brave version 1.11.97 under Windows 10/1909 on different PCs and
Laptops and have no problems at all.
The mentioned problem is unknown to me and could not located in previous versions of Brave.

A thousand points for you, there is nobody who reproaches this, only you dare to notice it so that we all know that in brave they do nothing to overcome these errors that only harm users, brave has become a total disaster that every month It has more complaints and less solution. Thanks for sharing your experience, friend @WayOutWest

I don’t have any issues with Brave, but I also don’t use the BAT system so I’m not subject to all those problems (and it does seem like there are a number of them). Conceptually I understand what they’re trying to do with the payment system but the implementation appears to have been rushed into production and now they are finding the holes. It’s a shame because the browser seems nice. The number of issue has become a bit concerning for long term viability though.

I agree. A main feature that brought people to Brave was getting paid while you browse and view ads. However, this seems to be a hit and miss. I myself was getting ad views daily up until July; now I’m get nothing. Don’t get me wrong though, Brave is still a great browser. However, until they fix the inconsistencies with blocking ads (Youtube, etc.) and the BAT issues, I cannot fully recommend Brave (at least as a main browser).

Interesting issue you’re all having. I think the main issue is not the browser, but that you’re still using Win-Blows as your primary OS. 1.11.97 is working perfectly on my antique Apple Macbook running Linux Mint, ditto for my Ryzen 3 desktop, also Linux Mint.

clicked on about 20 ads and no bat received. i am even losing bats and amount in my estimated earnings. have not received any replies yet about my issue. i think brave is using all of us by earning for themselves and trying to con us about getting rewarded for clicking on those ads. i even posted my link in fb and called my friends to use the brave browser only to have those bats and amounts stolen from me. i will not recommend brave anymore. i do not have the withdraw option also. so my bats can stay with brave and have them stolen again or they can get the bats and amounts themselves.

Helo everyone

there are a lot of issue cause of the windows
check this for example

as you know chrome is based on chromium code so it will get affected

i use centos and no lag or issue except sometime the bat stuff

hope that help and have a nice day

I still think the problem is not with the browser per se. You’re describing issues with the Brave Rewards system. I also have numerous and frequent problems, but the cause is Uphold. My 2FA key will get corrupted, and I have to go through their process to reset it. Recently, they’ve removed any way to do this on the website, so the last time this happened a couple of days ago, I had no choice but to download their phone app. I’ve also found that Uphold’s 2FA just won’t work with anything but Google Authenticator for Android, so not only have I been forced back to using the phone, which I was trying to get away from, but I’ve been forced back into using another Google product, which I was also trying to get away from. I’m not at all happy about this. Most of the issues I’ve seen in Brave have to do with Uphold integration. I truly believe that if the Brave team don’t find or create a viable alternative to Uphold, the Brave Rewards program is going to crash and burn, and may take the Brave browser project with it.

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I have been using brave for months now, and I have not experienced any of the problems that have been reported. Like others have pointed out, I’m not using the BAT system. I run both the release version and the beta version on a computer that I bought in 2011. 6 core AMD with 16 GB RAM. I only had 8GB RAM until recently.

I’m more interested in sync than BAT at the moment.

You don’t get the point.
If BAT is part of the browser it should run properly instead of being buggy.
The main incentive for using Brave is BAT, the “privacy options” are available through other browsers easy.
So Brave either fix their stuff pronto or they’ll be history quick.
The market is a brutal beast, weak hands hold the bags.
When traders sniff out the issues they will dump BAT faster than they can spell bugfix.

My good @lefrod,

I fully understand the point.

I’m just not interested in the feature. My main incentive is not the BAT, but how it handles the privacy, whether or not they are available in other browsers.

I don’t disagree that features need to work, however, development of complex features where 1/2 of the problem is dependent on a third party isn’t always in their control.

Just my 2 cents.

Plz u can do it here

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