Screw you, Brave. I use Windows 7

Started getting your popup about not supporting Windows 7 anymore. Thanks so much. No, I’m not upgrading to that spyware-laden pile of crap Windows 10. Guess I’ll be sticking with 1.46.134. You are lazy as hell for not bothering to continue with Windows 7 support.

Even Microsoft isn’t supporting Windows 7 anymore. It is an abandoned project. You are, of course, welcome to continue to use it, but there are associated risks with running obsolete software.

If you have any interest in switching operating systems, I would be happy to help with some suggestions. I’ve largely switched to Linux for most things, and once I got past the initial learning curve, I’ve really enjoyed the experience. I’d be happy to suggest some friendly starter distributions.


Please get rid of that annoying notification about Windows 7 or put a “Got it” checkbox.

This is about as irritating as an Android warning me about my volume level.

Stop already. Just stop.

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Do you think that MS profits from that bogus scare tactic over security?

There is no actual threat. Let’s quit making things up.

It is laziness.