How does Brave preserve & protect browsing history - Edge InPrivate will not do that?

[New to Brave]
I’m a long-time FireFox user who moved away about 6 months ago when FF associated with Facebook. Now, I mostly use a MS Edge InPrivate window for research to reduce annoying ads and unwanted emails. The problem is InPrivate will not re-open tabs from when the window is closed.

Brave will open tabs from the last session (that’s good for me), but I’m curious how Brave is able to do that and protect the search/URL/tab history?

Thx from a newbie :-).

@Shellback2348 If you have time, you may want to read through a lot of the information at as they explain a lot of details there on how Brave helps with privacy.

In particular, I think you’ll want to check out the bits about fingerprinting and ephemeral third-party site storage. Though it’s all quite intriguing.

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@Shellback2348 lol, sorry. Just came back and noticed it didn’t get the space between link and as when I first shared it. If you didn’t catch that, I just edited it and link should work now.

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