Displaying history?

When in Private Browsing you can’t see your history. Yet if I type any letter into the URL space my history/bookmarks come up. Where’s the privacy?

Hello @Debug43, thank you for bringing this to our attention. It should not act in that way, have you tried by deleting cookies and cache? What kind of device do you have? Please disable the option > Autocomplete searches and URLs under settings and then try deleting your cookies and cache. Let us know if the issue persists after that. Regards.

@Debug43 I think you’re misunderstanding the purpose of Private Mode. The difference is that Private Mode will erase all the activity and cookies from that particular browsing session. It never said it will create a new profile or not show your bookmarks. It just minimizes details to make your browser less likely to be tracked/fingerprinted, hence why it opens without extensions.

A private window in Brave prevents Internet browsing history, form data, cookies and site data from being saved once you close the window .

What you may wish to use instead is a Guest Window or to Create a new profile. As this will create a session with no passwords, history, bookmarks, extensions, or anything else related to the original profile.

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