Bug in private browsing

When I open a new private browsing window a second tab open with a website. Every new Private window, same second tab with same website. How do I stop this. Thought Private browsing didn’t keep history of websites, etc

My guess is that you have the “open a specific site or set of pages” in brave://settings on and your browser is not fully updated.

Thanks, but this is in Private mode, and nothing should be saved, including last windows open after closing a tab, or all private tabs.

Am baffled. Cleared cookies, checked website permissions, Settings, Advanced Settings, nothing that should allow this, And it is in Private mode which shouldn’t keep anything after it is closed.

Found the problem. Set up a sandbox and checked the website.

The bug was the extension “Send to Kindle for Google Chrome” that was auto-opening a set-up page when a new Private browsing window was opened.

Deleting the extension solved the problem, no more auto-opening.

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