How do I use Google password manager in brave?

I was wondering how I could use the Google password manager to log into sites instead of the stock brave one. I recently switched to Android from iOS and realised that brave doesn’t have fingerprint authentication for passwords for me to sign in(iOS has fingerprint authentication but Android doesn’t seem to), which can be abused if in the wrong hands. So could someone help me with adding that extra layer of protection, or push an update that requires brave to verify my fingerprint before signing me in.

Use a dedicated password manager. Never use the in-built browser on. There are privacy and security concerns of using the in-built manaager.

If you were using chrome on ios (since you need google password manager), you were never really on chrome, but on a safari skin as both of them were using webkit rendering engine. It is due to apple forces everyone to use that particular rendering engine on ios, ‘walled garden’

Also, avoid using fingerprint/face-scanner as authenticator. In my opinion, it can be easily abused. A master password via pin/words for your actual password manger may better in an individual’s head.

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