Password autofill with biometric

hey, for now, the password manager in Brave seems not safe enough, as others use my computer can autofill passwords directly. could you please add the biometric authentication feature? that is, using facial recognition or fingerprint to verify user’s identity before Brave automatically fills passwords, like that in Safari or Chrome. without this feature, i feel that Brave password manager is far away from safe.

@Chaney Brave will use whatever you’re using on your device. Like if you’re using Windows and have Windows Hello enabled for facial recognition, then Brave can also do that. But it goes 100% through whatever your OS login uses…as Brave is only ever using your OS credentials and doesn’t have its own username/password.

Example of this is below:

I have it turned off, but do you see what’s highlighted in gray? Where it says Use Windows Hello when filling passwords? If I had this enabled, it will require me to put in the OS password in order to autofill.

sorry, i can not find the feature. i am using a macbook.

@Chaney sorry, I forgot to link the pathway. You need to go to Password Manager, not just normal settings. Then while there, you click on word Settings on the left. It’ll take you to Password Manager settings.

It’s kind of confusing how they have three different menus related to passwords.

thank you so much! it works now. :rofl:

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