Using TouchID on MacOS on the Brave browser

Hello everyone

I’m contacting you today because I use a mac as my main computer, I really like to use the Brave browser rather than Safari or Chrome, however I’m having a problem with using it.

Indeed, the included password manager feature is convenient, however I don’t like the fact that anyone who comes to use my computer in my absence can log on to all the websites for which I have saved my passwords on this browser.

I would like my passwords to be saved in my browser, but to have to place my finger on the TouchID fingerprint sensor so that it recognizes that I am the owner of the Mac and lets me access my accounts. In other words, I would like Brave not to connect to sites where my passwords are saved, but to ask for a confirmation of my identity via TouchID before doing so, how do I go about it ?

Thanks !

Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately this functionality is not something we offer at this time. It would, however, be a nice feature request to add.

In general, I would recommend using a password manager such as 1Passsword or LastPass to save and manager your passwords as many of them allow you to set separate passwords and/or use biometrics to authorize usage.

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Thanks for your answer !

Do you consider adding it ?

Is 1Password working with TouchID ? I saw that some people had trouble with this app on Brave Browser with TouchID.
May I ask if these apps works fine with the password manager of Brave ? Can the two coexist without creating problems or do you have to change the settings of brave to make it work? Are there any risks involved with these applications?

edit : nevermind, both are paid solutions compared to Brave ><

Both extensions work just fine in Brave browser and both offer biometric scans for authorization.
1password is paid, LastPass can be used for free.

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