Brave Password Manager Autofill Passwords On All Mobile Apps

Everyone, including myself have a password manager for their mobile phone. I am a fan of Brave’s password manager for websites, but am forced to use another for mobile apps. Personally, I use google password manager due to convenience, but would much rather use Brave if they had an option due to the following; 1. It would be great to only have one password manager, as its safer. 2. I trust brave with my data more so than other applications. 3. I believe further integration with the phone itself rather than just through the browser would add a bunch of utility. 4. It builds more of an ecosystem around Brave. Other features I would suggest are; Email Protection and App tracking protection like DuckDuckGo offers. I know a bunch of people that love and use brave, but download duckduckgo to use these features. It would be great to hear if any of these are possible, are already being worked on, or are queued to be worked on. Thanks!

Great idea. I use duckduckgo for email aliases and email protection, as a search engine on all browsers (even in brave), but never for browsing due to lack of prevention against third party web tracking. However, I also do use duckduckgo for anti-web tracking prevention when not browsing or using VPN.

I wish the admins/developers of Brave Browser could allow ublock origin or Privacy badger add-ons extension to work with Brave browser.