Brave browser is the only browser on android that doesnt have (or removed) autofill password manager option like other browsers

Brave browser is the only browser on android that doesn’t have (or removed) autofill password manager option like other browsers.

If you go to auto-fill settings and check auto-fill service, you can set any browser to auto-fill in your apps (including other browsers like site logins) but not brave.

I have previously requested to the brave team to bring this up so that I dont need to use edge or chrome to auto-fill and use brave everywhere but nothing has been heard or seen.

Is brave team aware of this or not?

(I did used password manager but complications and export file corruption and unreadability with other apps or browsers, just makes me use browser, one browser, one way).

This is common problem with all android devices not limited to one type.

This is being actively worked on:


This is the answer I am hearing since late 2019 when I first realized and told your team via Twitter X. Plus you haven’t told me the time yet.

Damn. 2 years and still not present. Damn. If chrome is copied easily into brave in terms of what it is not google stuff, then what is stopping this?

Not sure what you are asking for here. Issue is listed as P3 and is being actively worked on. That’s all the information I have for you at this time regarding this specific feature.

“Chrome” does not get “copied into” Brave. Both Chrome and Brave run on the same underlying engine (Chromium engine — as do Edge, Opera and several other browsers). What this means is that instead of Brave (as well as the other browsers mentioned above) needing to build and maintain it’s own engine from scratch, we instead leverage a powerful existing engine, then [heavily] modify it to create something new.

Further, there aren’t many things that are done “easily” with respect to software/browser development on this scale. We’re talking about literal millions of lines of code and millions of potential interactions. On top of that, there’s the design considerations of the feature like the copy being used, the way it looks, etc., then there’s a testing process as well. There is no "press this button to make the feature appear and work perfectly " option.

So to answer your question, what’s “stopping this” — which actually means “why is it taking so long?” — its because there is a good amount of work required, on top of all the other work our developers have. I hope it helps knowing that the team is aware that this feature is missing and are actively working to implement it. You may follow the progress of this feature by keeping an eye on the issue linked above.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

LOL. I don’t want to get in arguments of this but I can tell you 10 bugs (UI, is another topic) that brave copied from chrome/chromium blindly but same bugs I don’t see in edge or opera.

My purpose is to get best version of brave to usage which will make use chrome less and edge lesser but that dependency isn’t fulfilled by brave team.

Edge came later yet it was able to bring more that we could ask for.

Passwords, logins and passwords are core part of any browser and browsing experience.

Please follow the issue linked in the thread to track progress on the feature.