Saving passwords in Brave in a more safe way on mobile

Hi there,

First of all I want to mention I’m a happy brave user! Now I would like to suggest a new feature to make the browser even more safe.

The Brave app saves your passwords if you want. This is a good thing. The bad thing is that anyone who has acces to your phone, can go to Settings --> Passwords and see 1. All the websites you saved a password for and 2. All the usernames per website. This is not very safe in my opinion. To get acces to password-section in the settings, there should be a step before you can acces it. For example a fingerprint verification.

In the current situation you only need the screen lock password in order to view a specific password. I think this should pop up at the moment you go to the password-section. Besides, the screen lock password is also not a safe option. Just imagine if someone knows that password or you’ve been hacked somehow. So my suggestion would be: use a fingerprint verification in case you go to the password-section.



Another suggestion for mobile: for websites you’ve saved a password for, you only need to hit the log-in button to get acces to your account. It would also be more safe to use fingerprint verification before you can actual log in.