How do i uninstall brave?



hi, divx on my laptop was complaining that it needed to update, so i let it. next thing i know i’ve got this ‘brave’ thing installed on my pc, totally without asking and in a secretive manner, and now i cannot get rid of it.

can someone advise me of how i can totally remove this dodgy piece of software?



It’s not dodgy, it’s a web browser.
Also, you must have had it installed on your system previously (some version or another). It’s not possible to just “suddenly have it installed on your pc”.
Add/Remove programs --> Uninstall


yes, i tried that but it hanged, and i rebooted and tried again and it did the same thing.

it is dodgy in my mind because i never asked for it. the only reason it’s on there is because DivX installed it along with the update. browsers can be dodgy as well. they are not immune from dodgy operators.


so anyways, i tried installing a fresh copy of this app and i thought it might let me uninstall it but nope. stills hangs on removal attempt.

then i tried running it, nope hangs as well.

you really should have tested this before releasing it into the wild. that’s how you’re supposed to develop software!


I have team members looking into the DivX situation right now to find out why Brave install was included in the update.

This was not intentional. We’ve had some users report uninstaller not working on Windows 7. What OS are you using?



there must be 30-50% of the windows space still using W7, you didn’t test this before releasing??


The issues with Windows 7 were both unexpected and hard to reproduce. We’ve been testing the uninstall error, and several display-related issues but have been unable to reproduce them on our end.

We’re working hard to get this resolved. If you’d like to help us diagnose the issue, let me know and I can give you steps to take and information that may be useful. If not, that’s fine too. But I’d appreciate it if you dropped the truculence and assumed a more cooperative attitude.

Thank you.


i’ve manually removed all the files and remove every brave entry i could find in the registry. i think it’s gone now.

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