Brave (0.57.18) shows a Blank window instance and cannot be uninstalled

Hello, I get this note when I open a new tab.

/* Note: A newer version of Brave (0.57.18) has already been installed.
This version of Brave (0.26.0) is no longer supported and will not be updated. */

The newly installed version does not work and it does not uninstall… When executed it show an empty window instance, with border and such. But that’s it.

So, I’m stuck with this and cannot uninstall it from my system :confused:

I’m on Windows 7.

I would welcome a guide on removing everything Brave from my computer.

Kind Regards

Yeah I got the same problem Foxy. You can’t go forward and you can’t go back. If I had know it was going to be a complete new install, hell I should have just installed Opera on my work computer.
I’ll use the ‘26’ until it quits working, I guess. Currently on windows 7 enterprise.
annoyed All I did was download, install and it opened like 16 'Brave.exe instances in task manager and one braveupdate36.exe in task manager. 0 CPU usage and I late it run for 35 minutes and so I killed one brave.exe and they all disappeared from task manager.
Now from the third new Brave icon on my desktop, you click on it and nothing shows on the display. Brave icon on taskbar shows but you get nothing on the display. You have 8 new brave.exe in the task list in task manager. and I am the administrator on this computer.
I have used Brave for almost two years, I think, can’t remember for sure. This maybe it .

Yes Mandrake, I have seen others with the same problems too. No response from ‘Brave’ yet though. I can’t believe they left us with a program that can’t be uninstalled…

Is there any solution to this yet?

I have literally hundreds of registry entries for Brave remaining after I uninstalled it. And it keeps on launching an updater dozens of times a day. This is the first time I have experienced this with any software.

When I run the uninstaller it starts 3 instances of Brave.exe. Task manger shows they seem to compete to run with each other, or whatever. But why does the uninstaller start the program it’s supposed to uninstall?

If the program has errors, it might just fail to uninstall !?

A uninstall should delete files and clean the registry. ONLY.

They really seem to care about their users around here |o|

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