How do I turn off the new mute sound button in tabs

Can you please implement a setting so I can turn off this mute sound button in the tab? I frequently press that button instead of switching to it when I have many tabs open. Just an option to disable that button would be great. Since I have autoplay disabled there really is no need for the button for me.



I too usually have over 30-40 tabs open at a time, and it’s impossible to switch between them when the audio icon takes up literally all of the tab space. Either don’t have it as a feature, or make it available to turn off.

I don’t have that many tabs open, but this is really annoying on pinned tabs. When I want to switch to my Soundcloud tab it just mutes unless I am very precise in clicking on the edge… would be great to be able to disable this annoying feature

Yeah this is a problem for us many-tab users.

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