Please add an option to disable the tab audio muting button

Hello, I frequently have many tabs open, such that only the icon of the site is shown. Whenever audio is playing in a tab and I switch off of it, the entire tab is taken up by the audio symbol. Whenever I click the audio symbol, it does not select the tab, but instead mutes the audio from that tab. I understand that this is a supported feature, but it is incredibly inconvenient for me to switch tabs since I accidentally mute the tab playing audio instead of switching to it.

I would like an option to be able to disable this feature or some change to give more space on the tab so that I can more easily select the tab without muting the audio. I would definitely prefer the former instead of the latter though.



Thanks for reaching out. I’ve seen this requested a lot recently, so I’ve opened a feature request for this on our Github for our Devs to consider:

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