Sound button in tab irritation

I’ve been using Brave for a long time which feels like 2+ years and during that time, they made a few changes and kept some features which irritate me but this topic is specifically about the sound button so I won’t steer off-topic.

Originally, the sound button was placed on the right-hand side of the tab, following the close button and this was good because it was more efficient and convenient. After all, I’m like the majority, who are right-handed. Now it is not only placed in the far left, users need to click twice in order to mute the sound coming from that specific tab. My god, it’s as if they’re suddenly favouring left-handers and people who have had been complaining about accidently closing the tab.

The best the programmers should do is add a click-drag option so we’re all happy.

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It worked great in the previous update. Now it is broken entirely… cant even right click to mute, and have to switch to the tab to use the damn tab mute button?, so dumb. Why would I want to change to the tab I am trying to mute. I hope this gets fixed, now I just wish I could go back a version. Not to mention when you go to a new link sound is muted automatically and you have to click the tab mute button to hear sound on most pages when opening link in new tab.

It makes it even more annoying when you pin the tab, click the tab while it’s playing in the background and mute it. Then have to unpin it and then unmute before I can pin it again. Right click to unmute no longer works as it only shows mute when the tab is already mute. This need to be fixed…

Switching tabs to mute/unmute that tab definitely a feature that I figured should exist, so if this worked prior, would be nice if they actually fixed it. Waste of my time having to do that.

So this topic ends 9 days still after I follow up on feedback? I worry that this issue won’t be fixed on a browser I just started using, and will automatically close, and won’t be corrected.

Am I missing something?

I hope they will fix this soon. It’s pretty annoying I have to click a tab twice, in order to mute the tab… Worked fine a few weeks ago and on Chrome it’s still working, so it’s definitely a issue on Brave’s end.

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