How do i set an avatar in the top right corner?

When i click the grey person icon on the top right corner it opens ‘‘Person 1’’ with nothing else and when i click on ‘‘Person 1’’ it just sends me to settings but there is nothing in there to set this avatar.I saw someone with an avatar,but i can’t figure how to set it up.
So if you know pls tell me.

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When you click on that grey person icon, check for Manage people option. On the bottom right you can see Add person field. There you can change the avatar for that person.

But I don’t see option to change the avatar of Person 1.


This was still possible a while ago but after the recent update it seems to be impossible to manage your current person and change it’s profile picture. I’m also searching about this at the moment

I hope @gsarvadnya can help will that. :slight_smile:

Please fix this annoying issue (Brave Browser awesome team).
We cannot change the avatar or rename the person’s name. (Mac version)

A thread similar to this on the community


same problem, how do we rename profiles now?

In case anyone missed the related post from @j2m2, you can check my answer here: PERSON 1 - how to change

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