How do I reopen a saved tab group?

Saved tab groups can be hidden - but once it’s hidden, how do I open a group again?


You can find the saved Groups in Sidebar.

Thanks @scavxo - but I don’t have that button, how can that be?

Ah, it requires me to view the bookmarks bar - a feature that I never used - I always hid the bookmarks bar on all browsers on all computers for the past 15+ years … :smiley:


Brave, you seriously gotta work on that. I have spent countless hours over the span of months searching for my lost tab groups. And I never found it until I decided to ask here. It is completely impossible to find, there is no clue anywhere how to find them again, once they’re hidden. Unless you happen to have not hidden the bookmarks bar.

And I’m even a frontend sotfware engineer myself.

Chromium/Brave Saves “Save Group” as in the same way of how Bookmarks are Getting saved and that’s the reason why they are Placed/Positioned/Located at Bookmarks bar.

Thanks. It appears there are other ways to use and manage bookmarks apart from the bookmarks bar. I assume that is why hiding the bookmarks bar is an option in the UI. And the bookmark manager does not have this feature. You’d expect the bookmarks manager to have all features of the bookmarks bar plus additional features - as it has a whole page available.

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Yeah in the Hopes of wanting to improve immersion, I have already asked a Similar Request in 2022 which could also be a solution for your Request aswell, but unfortunately ignored.

I hide and never use the Bookmarks Bar. You can still access Tab Groups via the hamburger. Pretty straightforward. See screenshots below:

Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 6.11.46 PM

Thanks, that looks like an entirely different functionality than tab groups - “Bookmark All Tabs” - I’d be scared to click that - what does it do - does it simply make one bookmark that opens all currently open tabs?

Bookmark all tabs will save all of your opened tabs(of the Window which you are actively using) as New Folder in the Other Bookmarks Folder by default… If wanted, You can change New Folder name to Something else while Brave Browser asks where to save.

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Thanks, I can see how that somewhat resembles tab groups