Groups features requests

Hi, I’ve recently started using Brave as my ‘focus’ browser.
One thing I really like is the tab grouping, as it helps me sort tabs into different topics.
During my short experience, I found two things that bothered me or, in my opinion, were missing:

  1. Feature - Even when I ‘save’ a group, it disappears when I close tabs - which I know is expected and logical behaviour. After a bit of digging into what options are available for managing groups, I found that it’s possible to hide a group - which is exactly what I want to happen in the case described above. But now we can’t have a cookie and eat it, so I’d like to suggest two features related to hiding and saving groups:
  • middle-clicking saved group name to hide it, close whole group if not saved, could work on both bookmark panel and tabs panel, perhaps add option to enable or disable this behaviour as some users might not want this to happen;
  • IF group is saved, last closed tab should hide this group
    I think this would be a useful feature, as sometimes users might not want to use a particular group for a few days, but want to use it again later. It would also allow for groups to work as dynamic bookmarks.
  1. Cosmetic - Show more than 4 groups in bookmarks / Allow setting how many groups to show in the bookmarks panel. This is more cosmetic than a feature, and slightly my own preference, but it would still be nice to have easy access to more groups when I’m actively working on more than 4.

I really hope you consider implementing at least point 1. as I believe this behaviour would be very useful.

Best regards

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