Over 20.00 BAT gone

I’ve been using Brave for about a month now and I wanted to check and see if I was paid today. I was greeted with:

Your wallet
0.0 BAT
Estimated earnings this cycle

5.40 BAT 1.84 USD

Can someone tell me what is going on? Is this normal or did I just lose all of my earnings.

(This was all made by ads and not donations.)


It takes a few days for your payout to be confirmed. I have “recurring monthly tips” turned on (for my youtube channel). Once you send your tips over to your YouTube channel that is linked to your Uphold wallet, it will be on hold until the next payday. Your paydays for your browser’s BAT wallet is every month on the 5th & for your Uphold wallet it is paid around the 8th.

(Just make sure you have enough BAT in your browser’s wallet to tip your YouTube channel so it can transfer into your Uphold wallet. If you don’t have the funds for the amount you’re trying to tip, you’ll have to wait for the next payday. So always make sure you have what you’re trying to tip.)

Sorry for the delayed response. I hope this helps out all the new users that are confused about the process.

Hi, did you reinstall the browser? If I remember correctly, it also deletes the wallet, which can only be restored if you have backed it up.

Did you have the auto-contribute function in Rewards enabled? If so, you may have donated BAT to sites included in that table:

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