How do I find out about the flags brave://flags/

I don’t have an issue. I am trying to find out what the entries in brave://flags/ mean.
Many of the items are listed as “Default” but I have no idea what default means - enabled or disabled.
Where could I go to learn more about the experiments?

Good question and I don’t have an answer! I am not programming or tech savvy and trying to find Chromium and Brave development related information for end-users is a nightmare. Just providing some sources of information that may help.

Providing chromium/chrome links. Brave does have the same information spread throughout the documentation on Brave GitHub, mostly in the Brave-Core repository. I have been unable to locate centralized lists as with chromium. It is probably there, I just don’t know where to look. Brave GitHub structure confuses me (as does chromium but it is a little better) and I don’t understand what I am looking at most the time!

List of default settings and documentation for adding which has other interesting links. If you check out the links you can find other pages with the same or additional information. Well, a lot of it looks like the same information stored in a different context, but I did not do a line-by-line comparison.

from chromium on google git

An example of a chromium project source (same information?)


Open issue requesting default be identified in flags (enabled/disabled).

Interesting article explaining flags:

Other interesting (related) documentation

Hope this helps! Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks. I’ve got some work to do. Glad I wasn’t the only one finding it difficult to get info.

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Usually if you search for Chrome and the name of the flag, you will find some details, assuming the flag originates with Chromium (almost all will).


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