How do I find info on Goggles

I am trying out the new Brave search engine and have run into “Googles”. I understand what is trying to be accomplished and I can subscribe to a particular Google

It’s Goggles, not Googles. Just wanted to point that out as it’s a pretty big difference.

You said this in your Topic title but then never addressed this. Flags would have nothing to do with Search or Flags. Can you try to be specific what you’re asking about? I’m just not understanding what it is you’re asking or needing

@share3141 Brave had a survey on Goggles and I specifically provided feedback and said I did not like the name and it was too easily confused with google. Ugh. Anyway, posted two links that may help regardless if you are looking for flags or goggles information. One I already posted in a duplicate topic you created. Please open only one topic per issue. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:



Changing your topic title to Goggles to make it separate from the flags post. You can change it yourself to something else by using the pencil icon at the end of the title.

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I messed up on my post. Sorry

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It happens. I do that frequently myself. lol

Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You’re fine. I just was asking ahead of time what specific information you’re looking to obtain and was making sure i didn’t make any assumptions.

Then Chocoholic did an awesome job of checking for other topics you’ve created and then piecing things together, attempting to provide blanket information that might help you.

If there’s anything you’re still needing to know, please reply with questions as specific as you can, that way is easier to know how to answer and what to share.

If Chocoholic was able to answer your question(s), then please mark their comment/post as the solution.


Nope, in my opinion ‘goggles’ is pretty good. An appropriate name for the feature.

lol Yep, I think a lot of users probably agree with you. I think if Brave received an overwhelming amount of feedback from users who hated the name, they would have changed it. I would hope so anyway… why have a survey if you ignore the input. Wait, this is Brave, I forgot. :wink:

Edit: Just so you know, I love using Brave and will continue to use it. I think overall, Brave development and support do an awesome job. I don’t think I could function in the chaos and it wouldn’t take me long to go crazy. I probably come across as negative but in my mind I am just poking fun. Well, most the time anyway. If I say “rant” anywhere, I’m seriously upset. :joy:

Brave’s Goggles GitHub page and Whitepaper are filled with information about the new Goggles feature. I linked them down below, in case you’d like to read though them! Hope this helps!

Brave Search Goggles GitHub Page

Goggles Whitepaper