Confusing / useless info under "About Brave"

Description of the issue: Confusing / useless info under “About Brave”

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary)
: 1. Open “About Brave”

Actual Result:

Expected result: Only a text like “Brave is supported by several open source projects”.

Reproduces how often: Always

Operating System and Brave Version:
Windows 10 1903, Brave 0.66.99

Additional Information:
The text marked above is translated as “Brave is made possible by the open source project Brave and other open source software”.

Since we all used Brave, we also know that we are dealing with “Project Brave” here. :thinking:

It’s a small thing, but I think it’s not too unimportant. :+1:

Edit: Maybe like Chrome that says “Brave is supported by Chromium […]”. Better than 2x Brave.

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