Chromium flags are missing in brave://flags?

I often want to make my Brave more minimum so I search for flags to remove certain features or parts. Luckily searching the web often tells me to set some Chromium Flag but unfortunately Brave does not have them. Why is that? And could Brave just re-add them if Chromium decides to remove some?

For example the new tab-search in the upper right corner in the tab-bar. I never used it and I don’t like it. Its not centered nor does it fit IMO. Searching the web again says I can remove it but… yes. Here is the link:

This is just one but there are many more, like the QR code generator or the new extension icon.

It’s my first topic here, I hope it is in the right place. I couldn’t find any other “QA”-category and maybe its a bug or just me noticed it.

Oh I forgot to ask if it would be possible to show the “default” Value next to the “default”-Button option. It says “default” but not what that means. I have so many that I just set but would like to know if its necessary or not, maybe with a link to some Chromium issue/ticket.

Open brave://settings/appearance via the address bar → Show tab search button.

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Oh! Hah I thought I would already have had walked through all settings to make sure it’s what I want the browser to look like, must have missed it, thanks.

But anyway this wasn’t the first time being in that situation where a flag is missing. Maybe there is a resource where I can see which will get natively implemented/ replaced by a setting?

Brave developers disable some features that are available in Google Chrome due to security and privacy reasons, you can take a look at that over here:

It’s likely the flags you’re looking for have been intentionally removed.

P.S Since I saw you mention the QR code generator, I have opened a Github report about introducing a possibility to disable the feature, but good guy rebron slapped the priority/P5 label on it, so no work is expected in the near future.

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