What do the times mean in the #high-efficiency-mode-available flag?

Hello, I just want to ask what the times mean in the #high-efficiency-mode-available flag?

  • Does it indicate how long the page is idle before it goes to sleep?
  • What’s the default value?
  • And what does the Enabled With Default On and 30 Second Discard mean?

It is chromium feature (from google) available on all chromium browsers. It basically does this https://www.ghacks.net/2022/12/09/a-look-at-google-chromes-memory-saver-mode/

As far as I know, it does not work on brave presently. I tried making it work via flag, but nothing happened.

The article you linked does not answer my question of how the timed options work. (in the dropdown on my screenshot)

It does work on brave though, but I can’t pinpoint exactly when it triggers.


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