How do i download and install Widevine for netflix

how do i download and install Widevine for netflix

@21tables you don’t install it, it’s already in the browser. Just go activate it.

It’s in brave://settings/extensions

Of course, this is only for Desktop. Mobile doesn’t have it if I remember correctly. The reason is that Widevine is part of Android operating system. If you install DRM Info on your Android, you’ll see where it shows Widevine CDM on it. Of course, this won’t exist if you degoggled your device.

Btw, make sure in the future that:

  1. You put your posts in the proper category and tags. This has nothing to do with Publishers. (so I removed that tag)

  2. You complete the templates that Brave provides when you create a new topic.

  3. You provide all necessary information, such as what type of device and which version of Brave you’re using.

This applies to both widevine and widevineCDM!

This is not an extension like any other under extension settings You can see that this is not an extension for the browser in quotation marks, but a “plugin” the respective end device/software must support widevine. If the OS cannot do this, man widevine Not use,
Otherwise, if you read in redits posts that Netflix does not work on Brave when widevine, however, the posts are 1-2 years ago

If you are a Linux OS user, you can try the latest Mint/Ubuntu version, although I don’t know if Ubuntu also causes problems in the end it’s the right hardware etc. Necessary to be able to use widevine to play videos on sites like Netflix.
Change if your device doesn’t support Widevine I had the same problem once and couldn’t do anything except buy a new computer/hardware etc. for Netflix
But since this is not an extension, as I said, you cannot find it in the menu item settings/extension

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