How do I disable the 'update' notification?

So I always delete extraneous .exe files and disable any automatic start processes in Windows Services and AutoRuns out of necessity these day. The amount of apps that run continuously in the background using my CPU and GPU to run tasks (usually telemetry) that are of zero benefit to me is out of control. I certainly don’t need my browser to run in the background, all I need it to do is… well, browse.

As such, I get the ‘update’ notification on Brave when I start it up. In Firefox I can just use about:config to disable this, however I can’t find the same tag in Brave:flags, perhaps someone can point me to the right link in brave://about?

Before anyone mentions ‘important security features’, it’s of no concern to me, I have my PC set up in layers, such that on this OS, I have nothing of importance. The entire world could have direct access and it would be of no use to anyone.

Thanks guys!

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