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I notice network calls to “updates.bravesoftware.com” even with my Brave browser fully closed. How do I stop this? I am on Windows 10 with Version 1.30.89

Thanks kindly!

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Are you sure you want to do that?

My thoughts on the subject: How do I stop brave update and crash handler from loading at Windows startup? - #3 by Unindoctrinated

If you really want to, I suppose you could disable the Windows services. I have not tested this, nor will I put any real time into that because I think it would be doing a disservice. But that’s something you can try if you have some reason to do so.

Came across this if you want to track it: https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/5576

Under Windows, to control when Brave downloads and installs updates, it’s necessary to edit Windows Autoruns. Any “Services” that are edited will (probably) be reset when re-booting. There’s real risk associated with editing Autoruns so I’m not offering details other than to say: it’s not brain surgery, I’ve done it, and Microsoft offers a free utility to do it. But there’s real risk.

Why to control when Brave updates (or, for that matter, when other installed apps update): some folks have internet access that’s metered and / or capped. Budgeting how bandwidth is consumed can be a very real consideration. There are other valid reasons to retain control over updating, but controlling data transfer is top of my list.

The other thread you reference does indeed pertain to Firefox, not Brave. And Firefox does offer its users control over when that browser downloads and installs updates.

The only Chromium-based browser of which I’m aware that offers users control over when the browser downloads / install updates is Vivaldi.

If you have your reasons for shutting it off that’s fine. But just to clarify, the point of the other thread referenced Firefox to make a point to the OP, but the bulk of discussion was around Brave auto-update and pros/cons of disabling it.

Doesn’t really change anything for you, but wanted to point that out in case anyone else comes across this thread.

Thanks for the information! I will read the given links, and from the other thread and post back with an update.

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