Let me disable auto update please

Listen Brave developers, I love the Brave browser, but these type of little things really upset me in a big way.

Please do not treat me like MIcrosoft and be sleezy by updating things in the background and/or without my permission. Do not force updates on me. I update on my own time. When I’m ready. It’s my computer, not yours, mine. You do not get to own your app on my computer. Once I have the app, either by paying for it or for free, it’s my app.

Now I understand, for most people, it’s no big deal to auto update behind the scenes. I support this feature by default. The auto update should defiantly be on. But where is the simple option to disable it in the preferences? Nowhere to be seen because it doesn’t exist. How can you disrespect fellow programmers? I found alternative method to disable but does anybody else feel the same way or am I just a lone tumbleweed blowing in the wind?

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Although I do not agree to disable automatic updates from Brave, it is true that the user is the one who should choose. However, you should understand the risks that these entail, for example if an exploit is detected in the browser, malware attackers could use it to harm your computer and by not having automatic updates, you would be vulnerable. But I emphasize, it should be the user’s decision. So i agree with that part

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