How do I click "Always show toolbar" without view menu


I’m using Brave on Linux, and there’s no menu bar (File Edit View). I’m trying to hide the toolbar by toggling “Always show toolbar in full screen” normally under View, is there another place to find this?


On both Windows and Linux, if you simply maximize the browser window, there does not appear to be a difference between this and having the browser “full screen” but also showing the toolbar. The same real estate is taken up in both scenarios unless there is something I’m misinterpreting here?

I’m trying to hide the toolbar completely so i only see the webpages. Normally if I uncheck “always show toolbar in full screen” under view menu, it totally hides the toolbar. Is there another way to do this through settings? I can’t access the view menu on linux

If you open the main menu in Brave, you can click the “full screen” mode option to do this:

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