Top bar in Full screen

Is there any way to be able to see the top bar when in full screen? In firefox, if you put your cursor on the top of the screen while on full screen, the topbar with the tabs shows up. This is very useful, but in Brave i don’t know how to change tabs in fullscreen other than ctrl+tab (which is not practical if you have some tabs opened).
I searched for extensions but didn’t find any.
Is there any way to make that (very useful) behavior in Brave?
thank you

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Hi @migas

Thank you for reaching out and we’re happy to assist you, could you kindly test the steps below:

  • Go to brave://flags.
  • Search for a flag called #enable-immersive-fullscreen-toolbar and enable it.
  • Ensure you relaunch the browser when prompted.

Let me remind you is a test to check if it works or not.
Be waiting for your response!


Thank you so much for the reply!

Unfortunately i cannot find #enable-immersive-fullscreen-toolbar on brave://flags. I searched for the words and could not find them with “ctrl+f”. My Brave browser is up to date…
Maybe it was on a previous version or it will be in the future?

I am a exited that there is a possibility that this is be gonna be implemented.
It would be so perfect if we could hide/show the whole toolbar with just the mouse, even if we are not in fullscreen mode!
Thank you! and please tell me if there is any updates or solution.
(The other day i wasted a few hours trying to make an extension to do it, but i think its not possible for an extension to do that.)

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