Persistent top tab bar in full screen

How do you people use brave in full screen mode? I recently moved from chrome to trying out brave. One quirk that is a bit frustrating is the disappearing top tabs bar in full screen on macos.

I have tried using the #enable-immersive-fullscreen-toolbar flag but found the flickering annoying.

Do you use keyboard shortcuts like tab+shift or options+cmd+arrow to switch between the tabs?

Also, the newest version doesn’t appear to have “Always show toolbar in full screen” anymore.

Anyone looking to enable

Tab switching shortcuts

Probably outdated github issue

I would love to be able to auto-hide the top bar, not even in full screen. It should only appear when the mouse its hovering the bar’s position.

I have my bottom windows bar on auto-hide, it only appears when the mouse goes to its place.
If my browser’s top bar was also on auto-hide, i would always be in full screen with very easy access to the bottom/top bar, without wasting screen space.

That would be amazing for me and i assume more people would like

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