How do I change the default email popup?

If I click on a link for someone’s email in the browser, it automatically pops up a new window for an email server I don’t use often. I would like to change that to another email but I cannot figure out how. Thanks for some help.

Hi @KW86, Welcome to Community!
If you go to brave://settings/handlers, there, you should be able to see any sites that are allowed to handle email or sites that you’ve blocked from handling email. - if the service you want to use it blocked, remove it from being blocked.
Then go to the site you want to use to handle email links - e.g. here’s me going to gmail - you should get a prompt to use the site as the email handler.

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OMG – Finally! Thank you!!!
If I may ask: How does one find this ‘handlers’ section, as I don’t see it in settings menu anywhere? I got there by simply using the URL you sent. Just curious as I assume it’s in there somewhere. I could not find this answer in Brave’s help section either.
Bless you!!

The path to get there would be:
Settings > Privacy and security > Site and shields settings > Handlers

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