How can I change the default webmail?

How can I change the default mail application?

An old post from November 19, 2019 quotes:

Additionally, you should be able to add default site handlers by visiting the site and Allowing it to be made a handler. If you visit Settings --> Privacy/Security --> Site settings --> Default Handlers, you should be able to find any you’ve allowed (or blocked) listed here.

Unless I’m mistaken, this path is no longer valid but should it be accessible in the hidden settings of Brave?

My current default application had been configured haphazardly when I configured a new webmail.

I ended up finding it on another forum. The link seems hidden since I can’t find the section by going back.

The link to manage the default webmail is:


This is rather interesting to know if the choice of webmail is not suitable. We can discover that the desired webmail is in the not authorized category even if I never made this choice.

Hope this helps.

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