How can you view the content of two different browser tabs simultaneously?


Is there a way to simultaneously view the content of two different tabs that are located in the same window – i.e., by somehow getting them side-by-side in two separate frames (or windows)?

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Not possible if they are on the same window. Framing of tabs isn’t available as a feature. Might get implemented if there is a lot of user requests. There is some discussion on vertical tabs and webpanel on this issue. Worth going through it


Thanks. Are there any alternatives that allow one, e.g. to easily compare two different versions of a document (or other situations in which side-by-side frames would be desirable)?

Also, if ‘vertical tabs’ simply rearranges tabs into a vertical series, that wouldn’t add the ability to view the content of two different frames in the same window side-by-side, would it?


Unfortunately I dont think its possible on a single window. Best option is to use two windows side by side. You can dock the windows by using Windows+left/right arrow so that both windows snap into vertical grids allowing you to compare side by side.


Thanks. Do you mean moving one of the two tabs with the content you want to compare to a different window in order to accomplish that?

Also, is the Windows+left/right arrow a ‘Windows’ (i.e., Microsoft) thing? I’m on a Mac.

(There’s something similar on a Mac but as far as I know it’s only for viewing windows in two different applications.)


Yes that is correct. you can drag the tab out to make a separate window.

You can follow the steps for mac from here. Although it talks about different app stacked side by side same should work for windows of the same app.


You’re right! It does work. Thanks!

Only problem is, it looks like they both really need to be the lone tabs in their own windows.

If I try to go to another tab in the same window it replaces the one in the dual-screen.


It must be possible, since vivaldi browser has such a feature. Look at this video:


Yeah that is unfortunately a limitation.


There is no such feature available yet on Brave.

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