View Multiple Open Tabs

When I work with Brave it is common for me to have many tabs in use at the same time, moving between them. Unfortunately though it is super annoying that Brave does not have a simple “button” of sorts that I could click that would allow me to see a brief view of the tabs with their headers/descriptions I am working with so that I can go between pages quickly and easily without having to have a side panel/window open to do so. It would be best of course to have both options available, a brief list that closes after a tab is selected or the option to open a side bar that shows all tabs and stays open after a tab is selected.

Is this feature coming soon?

I do not know if this would help you. I have it enabled, yet functionality is not very intuitive, though I can attest to not suffering any crashes as a result.

Type chrome://flags in the Chrome address bar and hit Enter. You will see a big list of Chrome Flags with a warning that these features are not stable.

Search Tab Groups. Enable. Relaunch Brave @ prompt.

A user guide can be found here.

Hope this helps.

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