How can I view Brave Rewards (Token Balance) in the mobile browser?

Hello, everybody!
I have two doubts:
Recently I started using Brave, and I synchronized the PC browser with the mobile one, however:
(1) The Recompesas window where we can see the balance of how many BAT tokens we have on the mobile browser doesn’t appear, is it possible to activate it somehow?
(2) Once synchronization has occurred, the information for both browsers (PC / mobile phone) should not be the same, because the PC shows the number of ads blocked, but not on the mobile phone.

Thank you to anyone who can help me.

Best regards!

Olá, pessoal!
Tenho duas dúvidas:
Recentemente eu comecei a usar o Brave, e sincronizei o navegador do PC com o do celular, porém:
(1) Não aparece a janela de Recompensas onde podemos ver o balanço de quanto tokens BAT que possuímos no navegador do celular, é possível ativar de alguma maneira?
(2) Uma vez que ocorre a sincronização as informações para ambos os navegadores (PC/ CELULAR) nao deveriam ser as mesmas?, pois no pc mostra a quantidade de anuncios bloqueados, já no celular, nao.

Obrigada a quem puder me ajudar.


@jessicasgsilva I see you tagged this as iOS. If you indeed are talking about iPhone or iOS, then the answer is you can’t see Rewards balance in it. This is because Apple does not allow Users to participate in Rewards on iOS. You can read a bit more about that at

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You used SYNC ?
If yes, SYNC does not sync rewards at the moment. It just does history, bookmarks and other stuff. To sync rewards you have to connect to Gemini / Uphold.

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Even that doesn’t sync. That remains different for each installation.

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