I don’t see any rewards in the Brave App for iOS

I signed up for Brave and downloaded the browser app on my iPhone and the browser to my desktop. I am using both as a default browser. I was given two wallets instead of them syncing. The browser is working and i’m getting BAT but I can’t find any rewards in the iPhone app. I’ve looked at my Brave Wallet and the Brave Rewards tab but I see nothing. On the desktop it’s so simple and obvious. What am I doing wrong?

ios cannot earn rewards, apple won’t allow it. any bat earned there is auto contributed. or you can just disable ads on your ios devices.

Oh wow thank you for telling me!

@savcottah Has had already been mentioned in the prior comment, unfortunately they are not allowed to do Brave rewards for iPhone or iPad. Or to be more specific we are not allowed to earn BAT. You do have the option to stay enrolled in Brave rewards on your iPhone but all money BAT earned from doing so well go to creators and Brave. So that’s just up to you if you want to stay in rolled to contribute for them to basically keep everything going for iPhone and all or if you’d rather just turn it off and not deal with all the ad notifications but still be able to use everything else.

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