Desktop 24 Hour Clock

In the Dashboard Settings.
How could I change the clock to military (24) time ?

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At this time, there’s no way to do this. This is because of a limitation in the web API, which will fall back to your system local, rather than your time preferences. So if you’re locale is en-US, you will always display a 12hr clock time.

More information on this here:

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Excuses, excuses. A setting to allow us to change between 12h/24h format. It is so easy to do!! Why is this still an issue? You don’t care do you? :sob:

As you can see above, the issue is being worked on presently, thank you for your patience.

:point_up: If that’s the case, Brave is open source – you’re more than welcome to visit our Github page, download/clone the browser source, add the code that allows users to switch between 12hr format and 24hr format, and submit a pull request to review :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to see it happen.
Thank you.


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