Please make the clock as per the system setting (i.e. 12 hr or 24 hr)

just make the clock work according to the system setting or give an option to change according to our need. but please make a option at least.


my Brave version 0.60.48 in German language has the 24-hour format. I believe that Brave is different from language to language, which language do you use within Brave?

I have the English version of 0.60.48 and have the same issue/request as Samyak039

hi, i’m using English version on Linux version 0.61.43.
maybe it is an operating system problem, which OS are you using…?

which OS are you using…?

I am using Windows 10 version 1809


Windows 10 x64. version 10.0.17134 Build 17134

Any way the DEV team can confirm this??

This was my first search on the Community support. I really cannot stand 12hour clocks, is there any possible way to change it? It looks childish to have a clock only toddlers need, real adults can count to 24. :wink:

Bilingual users suffer the most - I’m natively a Hebrew speaker but my Brave lang is set to English, now I have a 12 hr clock on brave and 24 on computer. It should either respect the computer’s setting or let us have the choice…

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Hi, it would be cool if you posted this as a suggestion =)

Here you go:

This post is in the same forum you linked to, I’m not sure what you’re suggesting - create a new thread for the same idea?

I was thinking about a new thread, but since the suggestion has already been reported, it is omitted.

It’s an annoying way to do it, but if you change your language setting to English (United Kingdom) you get the 24hr clock.
Agree it should be a setting though.


same request… hope its implemented soon

Excellent, did that, no probs.

I’m USA English language using LxMint. My Brave build is Version 0.68.131 If there’s a setting I missed to convert to 24 format, please point me to it! Thanks.

I desperately need a 24-hour clock. I’ve tried English and English (US) … neither works.

I don’t think the clock should be linked to the language, the location or the operating system. Can it not just be up to the user’s preference?


I have the English Version 0.68.132 Chromium: 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) and the clock is 12H