How can i set brave so that it doesn't remember browsing History

I know this was already asked, but I have not find any answer yet…can somebody tell me:

  1. how can i set brave so that it doesn’t remember browsing History, and
  2. how can i set it so that a new tab shows my home page (and showing no bookmarks above)

Thank you!

Clearing browsing history on exit is being implemented now:

Also working on removing the bookmarks above the new tab page:

thank you Mattches. I am on the beta version, would these implementations be available on a next beta release? Would also be able to set new tab with my home or a blank page?

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@dyz, my pleasure.
Yes, you should be able to do that via extensions once this NTP fix is implemented in the release/beta builds:

Note that this fix is already implemented in the Developer build:

great, thanks for the reply

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