Profiles and bookmarks

I’ve had to reinstall my operative system and I couldn’t save my brave profiles and bookmarks. Now when I reinstalled it, I can’t recover it. How can make it?

I appreciate any help with this issue.

I’m afraid you can’t restore deleted browsing data. If you’re using Brave on other devices, you can try Brave Sync to import some browsing data into your fresh Brave installation.

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I didn’t use Brave in another device. My main activities are bookmarked in three profiles on the computer. When my pc crashed I couldn’t fix it, so I couldn’t save a backup of the bookmarks. If Brave haven’t that option is an opportunity to take in consideration as an improve. If is posible make suggestions to improve it, let me know because I have other suggestions to improve it, I really like Brave than others Bowsers, I want to keep using it more safely

Yes, you’re welcome to make suggestions for features you would like to see in Brave. Open a thread in the appropriate section of the #brave-feature-requests category.

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